Star Wars

Rise from the Ruins

On the world of Raxus Prime, a small gathering of outcasts, scoundrels, and fugitives establishes themselves far from the factory and mining operations that dominate the continent. Dependent upon each other, the nascent community called The Shipyard brings an unlikely band of individuals together into a family.

Gibbert, a human mechanic, seeks to establish his own business as free as possible from outside interference. Grozurra, a wookie warrior, escaped from Zygerrian slavery, and seeks both to return home, and to free all the slaves in the galaxy. Frax, a gand Findsman, is following the Mists of his mystic faith in the belief that they are leading him to his destiny. CRE-8R-1, or Cree to his friends, seeks deeper meaning in the understanding of the droid body and mind – especially his own. Gavyn, a zeltron hobnobber and recent arrival to Raxus, is hoping to hide out for awhile, far from an enraged husband with deep pockets and an obsessive need for revenge.

Unlikely allies, even unlikelier friends, this motley crew seeks to ascend to the stars. Since they cannot afford a ship, they plan to build their own – one part at a time.

Star Wars: Rise from the Ruins

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