Star Wars: Rise from the Ruins

The One Where We Finally Get Off Planet
or, Out of the Frying Pan, and Into the Fire

I got a bad feeling about this. The impending Imperial invasion of the system’s got just about ev’rybody on edge. Feels like I’m trying to stay on top of a rock that rolling down hill and gettin’ faster by the minute. We gotta get off this planet and right quick!
First up was getting some guns for the Goz offa that Wyler fella. Gave him a call and set up the deal. 2 Quad Laser cannons in good condition for a little over 14K. Ekko and I took Baby over to the Maw and sealed the deal ezeepeezy. A little help from the Wookies and we got those bad boys installed in no time.

Next up was getting the Goz registered, so me and Ekko headed to Xerosh to get that done. Figure we’re still hot after the Sienar heist, so I ask ev’rybody else to stay back at our spot in the Wasteland. We get to Xerosh and get the Goz registered as the Emancipator, as well as topping off fuel and taking on some water and victuals. All told that was almost 6K.

That bad feeling stayed with me as we left Xerosh, so I asked Ekko to land us at the Shipyard rather than back at the Waste in case we was being tracked. I radioed Groz and Arzon, asked them to meet us to help pack up the last of our stuff and recruit any of the townies that might want to get off world before the Empire comes in and mucks ev’rything up. Dith and Dys said they’d come and Groz talked ‘em into paying us a few credits for the privliege. While we was doin’ that, I got a call from my old pal Grimaldi. Said he had that cargo he wanted us to haul ready for us in Xerosh, as well as a guard named Tallin Ericko. He also dropped a hint that the Empire was closer to the system than we thought. That rock I’m ridin’ keeps tumblin’ faster.

Off we went back to the wasteland to get the Wookies and Baby. The Wookies settled themselves in while we flew back to Xerosh. We got there and landed on pad 15, where that Tallin fella and Grimaldi’s crate were waiting for us. We started to get them loaded when… you remember that bad feeling I was tellin’ ya’ll about? Well, 3 big old ships appeared in the sky over Xerosh and started blasting away. Shit. And if that weren’t bad enough, the docking bay doors opened up and in walks a blue skinned fella I instantly recognized from our heist as some big muckety-muck for Sienar with some flunky guards. Only they wasn’t wearin’ Sienar colors. Looked like some kinda military uniforms. Now, I’m not one to believe in coincidences, especially when those coincidences add up like 2+2=4. It appears our information concerning Sienar’s connection to he Empire was spot on. So this blue skinned fella says “Halt and prepare to be boarded” or some other such nonsense. I figure a firefight inside the ship where we got the superior numbers and outside the eyes of Docking Control would be the best course of action, so I put on my biggest shit-eatin’ grin and invite ‘em all to come aboard. I could tell the blue skinned fella saw right through me, and not really having the time to put up with this, I chucked a grenade at the conveniently tight grouped formation of guards. Lickety split, and I mean like before that ’nade even made it halfway there, Arzon’s up in the air with his jet-pack blasting away the the blue skinned fella. Hits him square too! But I didn’t have much time to admire the marksmanship, as I was back under the Goz for some cover. BOOM! off goes my ‘nade, killin’ one guard outright and messing up the others pretty bad. Then the blue skinned fella starts backin up towards the door, calling for reinforcements and blasting away with his pistol at Groz. Well, Groz didn’t like that too much and runs up and with a shower of sparks hits the fella in the side with his blade. Looked like Groz took out some kinda personal force field generator. Now that fella’s REALLY had enough of us, and jumps off the side of the platform just as the remaining guards open up on Groz, who takes a pounding from the blaster fire.

Just as I thought we’d seen the last of that blue skinned fella, Ekko comes out of nowhere and jumps off the platform after the guy! I didn’t rightly see what happened with that, but I did see Groz wade into the weakened guard phalanx and just open up a blue milk sized container of whoop-ass on them. And I did see Arzon take off after Ekko over the side of the platform and come back just a bit later carrying the little guy. Judging by the bloody mess that was all over Ekko’s clothes, that blue skinned fella won’t be botherin’ us no more.

We finally got everybody just about onboard when the docking bay doors open up and more guards started pouring through. Luckily Dys got the engines warmed up and we got clear before any damage good be done to the Goz. Now we just gotta run this Imperial blockade and get outta the system!

Not mentioned here was a tiny ship “docking” with the Goz just before the firefight in Xerosh, and the Wookie twins boarding in Xerosh. Also probably a few other things.

Seeing Us Off of the Rock
June 15, 2021

Well, it was a fun time at the Maw. We were ambushed during our deal for the hyper drive with Wyler by Mellobo and his hired hands. We were able to catch him, but we really don’t know much about what we are going to do with him. We had prior engagements to make anyway. So off into the cargo hold with him.
We spent the first part of our day healing from the ordeal of the day before. Gibbert helped heal Groz for all of his wounds and helped me shake off the rattled head I had. I still had some scratches though. Ekko then used his talents to heal Gibbert. I might have to invest into some more healing packs myself in the future.
Gibbert decided that leaving the hyper drive on the Gozanti was the best idea for now, and we headed off to the fortress of the Jawas. Once we arrived, we were recognized and welcomed into the clan holding to the auditorium. This is where we defeated the beast before, but now it was in the midst of being rebuilt and had more light than normal. I am sure it was for our benefit. The clan leader turned to us and began to speak. Groz’s translator box immediately sprang to life.
“Welcome back to our clan home,” he vocalized through the translator. “Come to our vault to see what you would like,”
Everyone followed him through the downed ship they use as a shelter. All the hallways and corridors were disorienting, but they were color coded to help navigate them. Eventually, we approached a guarded area. A bulkhead door divided us from the vault. Two armed Jawa were holding lances that looked to be stun weapons. They saw our arrival and opened the bulk head door using a rotating lever. We proceeded through what seemed to be an airlock, was immediately greeted by a bridge of welded plates crossing over an extremely expansive pit. The bridge was illuminated by rods and bowed under Groz’s weight. This was disconcerting due to the fact that there were no rails to hold onto.
On the other side of the pit there were rows of crates full of items large and small. Everything looked cluttered but was organized into crates by groupings. Some crates were full of armor; others by guns. Even speeders, swoops, and other equipment were sitting around in various salvaged states of condition. Groz looked for something useful and eventually pulled off a tarp off of a reclined, red swoop. The vehicle looks large enough to hold a larger rider and looks sleek and stylish. It does need some tweaking to be made perfect. Groz also notes that it has a front mounted laser cannon.
Gibbert took his time looking through the droid and cybernetics crates. After looking through the crate, he eventually found a cybernetic arm from a gank’s remains.
Ekko looked through some of the small arms crates. Using some of his natural senses, he found a sheathed gun of a unique make. It seemed to be an older, archaic gun. The sheath itself had been modified to cloak the weapon and even hides it from electronic scans. The gun itself seemed to be a disruptor pistol that has the ability to disintegrate. The pistol even had a magnetic weapon tether installed that magnetically pulls the weapon to his hand if it is nearby.
I took my time looking through the armor section, but found something interesting close by. It was a used jetpack with missile. It was made of an incredibly light material, making it strong, but easy to wear. The belt harness was made of multiple points. This made sure that it stayed on snugly. It had the earmarks of being used by a bounty hunter before, as it had been repaired multiple times before. All in all, it was repaired well, and was in good, working order. It even had gauges on the belts for fuel, and could be set up with a helm to give that information and also be used for targeting. Controlling this jetpack could be done with the forearm controls or from the wrist controls.
The Jawa leader told us that they would take the swoop out to our vehicle. We then left the vault and noticed on our way back that the bridge we walked across earlier had charges installed so it could be destroyed quickly if the need arose. It was a good thing we didn’t notice them on the way in.
We made our way back to the auditorium where there were tables set for a celebration. Everything was made for Jawa height, so Ekko was made to feel at home. Groz was a little much though. Dancers entertained us moving to a metallic beat while we sat on pillows and ate cooked beast with unique spices, and imbibed a drink that resembled fermented cabbage. After dinner a hush came over the room. The matron seer walked through the door very slowly; her robes were black instead of the Jawa traditional brown. Around her neck were a grouping of platinum couplers making a necklace. It was her necklace of honor. Her eyes were very dim; a barely lit orange. She shuffled across the large auditorium to the large chair at the center of the dais, and summoned everyone around. The matron of the clan speaks.
“So I am here to ‘see’ for you. Do you have a question or would you like me to start seeing for you?”
Groz reacts. “Do as you see fit.”
The one with the sight held out her clawlike, shriveled arm and hand and requested, “Please spit.”
Groz spat into her palm. The elder nods and turn her hand to the rest of us individually. Ekko ran into the shadows and hid.
“Some fear the future. It is something not to be afraid of,” she said.
Gibbert and I do as we are requested and spit into her palm. She started to murmur again. This portion wasn’t able to be translated by the device; possibly because it was a forgotten, or ancient, Jawa language. Her breathing started to become heavy. The Jawas started chattering and became more intense. This kept building until it suddenly stopped. The elder’s eyes became more illuminated. She became taller, straighter, and had a powerful aura around her. She then spoke.
“Groz. An evil moon rises. It stares at me from the future with one vast, cratered eye. Beyond it, I cannot see and it grows closer all the time.” She turned to me and continued, “Return to Tanaab, but do not land. There is distress there and fear; but courage too. Those that stand against the rising of the evil moon need a hand if they are to realize their destiny and their fates.”
She then told us that an important decision is coming and leaving is the only option. We would know the time. She the came up to Groz and tells him that the place you’re looking for will reveal itself, and that his friend has already found it. Well, if she is referring to Tanaab, I really can’t go back there. I left for a reason. Additionally, even if I am innocent, it isn’t wise to return to the perceived scene of the crime.
As we leave, the sun seemed to be many times brighter after being in the low-lit underground of the Jawa clan. Outside, there are many Jawa sorting new hauls and old sorting of salvage. They dumped their unwanted items into the ravine. We arrived back at our transportation and situated the speeder, jet pack, cybernetic arm, and cloaked gun around to fit everything with the hyper drive crates.
When we arrived back to the Gozanti, I took my first flight with the jet pack. My first flight went amazingly well; almost as if it were built for me. We then unloaded the hyper drive and Gibbert started inspecting it. Groz pushed out the swoop and immediately started asking Gibbert about fixing it up. Gibbert was busy working on the hyper drive and had one of the helper droids help to answer Groz’s questions. Ekko started hanging out with Groz and began to walk that fine line of annoying and adorable asking questions along with Groz to Fixer1 and tugging Groz’s hair as he did so.
The hyper drive we got from Wyler wasn’t new, but was well-maintained. Gibbert found a tracking transponder hidden deep inside the hyper drive, and thought it was Wyler’s doing. However, the transponder seemed to be old and may have been put there by the Electric Eels. Gibbert then took out the tracker. Now that we had a space-worthy ship, we will eventually have to find an astrogation computer. Right now, we can only go on main hyperspace routes or buy astrogation maps.
Groz then went to check on our prisoner, Mellobo. Groz researched what his species preferred to eat and started to look for rats, lizards, and other things for nutrients. While scavenging, Groz noticed two silhouettes on the horizon. It was Grimaldi and Farghul. Groz shouted, “A little far from the city aren’t you?”
“It is a good time to talk to you about things, Groz,” Grimaldi replied.
Groz then called out to Gibbert, who in turn calls everyone else. Everyone went outside to talk to Grimaldi, with the exception of Ekko, who hides away to watch undetected.
Everyone went through the normal pleasantries until Grimaldi revealed to us that he wants Mellobo. After realizing that he came all the way out to where we were, I knew he wanted him pretty badly. I put on my charm and learned negotiation skills and told him that in exchange that we would like help with contacts and more money. Grimaldi wasn’t too enthused with my approach but he did relent and doubled the amount of money to 20,000 credits that we were to receive. He told us about all the help behind the scenes that he was doing for us like hiding bodies and killing nemeses, but couldn’t fault us as we didn’t ask for it, and we are actually reliable. He told us that he would forget all of it if we were to give him a good rate on the next job. The next job would include introductions to the people he deals with and that he would put in a good word on our behalf. The job wouldn’t contain explosives, slave trading, or any objectionable objectives.
Gibbert asked Grimaldi about Wyler. Grimaldi said that Wyler is reliable, but definitely not square-dealing. Wyler will try to find any advantage he can. He probably will be taking over his territory soon due to all the losses going on around there lately. He gave us some advice, “You will want to be gone in two days. There is an Armada of Imperial ships coming to this quadrant, and Raxis Prime is next; probably in the next five days.”
About 20 minutes later, a speeder came to us and the rider shows us the twenty thousand credits. We bring out Mellobo, who sees Grimaldi. Grimaldi smiles when he sees Mellobo. Mellobo took a moment to recognize Grimaldi, but when he did he immediately started scrambling and holding on to Groz’s leg, saying “Nope,” over and over. Groz then gave over his food he found for Mellobo to Grimaldi so Mellobo had something to eat. Grimaldi then brightened up after what he found to be a snub during negotiations with me. He gave us an encrypted file on a datapad and told us to flash a signal to him when we figured it out.
The next day we decrypted the message and found that there was a bounty on Mellobo. Grimaldin coerced Mellobo through his addiction to get captured. Now Grimaldi is taking him to Gorga the Hutt for 125,000 credits. Well, he might have gotten more money, but he will also have a lot of people gunning for his head.
So now, Gibbert will have to repair the rest of “Baby,” register the Gozanti, and possibly put some weaponry on the ship.

We are finally getting off of this rock.

The Drugged Dug

Preparing to Receive the Hyperdrive:

Two days after the adventure with the Jawas, we receive a call on Gibbert’s phone from YL3R who says they have the hyperdrive ready for delivery tomorrow. We put YL3R on hold to discuss. When we return to him, YL3R answers in a creepy way before… recalibrating? To speak with us. We arrange a time to meet tomorrow at the Maw. Ekko thinks that YL3R is planning to kill us or double cross us. Gibbert decides to rig the guns we’re trading with light explosives as a bit of an insurance policy, and he does it hella good.

As the lot of us are tinkering about, Ekko picks up the occasional frequency, a high pitched noise. Ekko is perceptively nervous and flighty…and keeps muttering that he has a bad feeling about this drop.

Sitting in the Dock of the Bay:

We arrive the next day in Baby at a large loading dock in the maw. We are greeted by two guards in full armor and decked out in weapons at the base of the ramp of a freighter 690. We see YL3R on a data pad. The body guards scan as sentient beings with our life scanners. Lots of background noise happens within the ship. There are also other lifeforms just outside of the docking bay, totaling a dozen.

Arzon, Gibbert, and Groz disembark to meet with YL3R, with Ekko manning the ship in case a quick escape is needed. Both groups bring forth the goods for cross examination. YL3R has a soldier who clearly knows what he is doing, checks our lot and Gibbert checks the component parts of the hyperdrive.

As things seem to be going smoothly, the smell of burning metal and smoke begins to fill the room, and the door breaks down. YL3R pulls a stun baton and he and his soldiers turn to face the door. It’s rapidly determined that this is a third party of pirates.

Five Gamoreans move in and attack the party. The soldiers lay down fire, killing 3 Gamoreans. 5 Klatooinians come through quickly behind, spreading out and firing blasters indiscriminately before zeroing in on Gibbert. Lastly, a Barabel comes through the door with a Dug on it’s back. Groz recognizes the Dug as Melobo. He looks like he’s in a crazy, drug fueled rage.

Arzon kills off three Klatooinians with style and panache, with Gibbert killing a fourth. Groz slashes at the Barabel, hacking it’s limb off and maiming it. Melobo shrieks from his back, spurring the Barabel onward.

The remaining Gamoreans look like tough fuckers. One attacks the duo of soldiers, dealing a horrifying gash to one. The second Gamorean brutally attacks Arzon. The injured soldier struggles to continue fighting, though his partner gets a good shot off at the attacker.

The remaining Klatooinian takes a parting shot at Gibbert and then beats feet, demoralized at the rapid death of his companions.

Melobo leaps at Groz, slashing ineffectively but annoyingly enough to be a distraction. YL3R finishes calling for security on a comm and moves towards Groz and the Barabel. Despite the distraction, Groz slaughters the Barabel in a pique of frenzy.

As a Gamorean bares down on Arzon, Arzon fires two shots into him, killing him dead.The final Gamorean, as he attempts to slaughter the soldier, is killed by Gibbert. As the Klatoonian attempts to escape the doorway, Ekko fires off a killing shot, dropping the pirate.

The soldiers move to flank YL3R as they move towards engaged range with Melobo, who is still flailing wildly at Groz. Groz gathers Melobo into a tight bear hug and YL3R follows up with stunning Melobo into unconsciousness.

Once the dust settles, we discuss briefly with YL3R regarding Melobo. For a brief moment, YL3R’s eyes flash a different color and his voice shifts before returning to normal. The Maw security arrive and sweep up the random weapons left by the assailants. The party take Melobo and our hyper drive. Together, we leave the Maw.

Flight Home:

On the trip back, Melobo is placed in binders and Gibbert administers a drug to help make Melobo saner. We also patch up the party. Inside Melobo’s pack we find some death-sticks, a data pad, a smashed comlink, uneaten food, an empty flask, and a cred stick.

On the data pad is information about our party and us dealing with another entity to sell slick, thus motivating Melobo to attack. Gibbert is able to hack into the datapad with a fair bit of work, finding that the itinerary information had been transmitted in Droid, then translated into Basic. The written info is put in as though Basic is not a common language for the writer.

So is this YL3R? Or something else?

Arzon smooth-talks with Melobo, getting information. He says he got the pad from “one of his men. One with a face”. A fargoul gave Melobo’s contact the info. We decide to keep him for the time being and keep him locked up at the Gozanti.

Let the bodies hit the floor.
Or, does this ham need cleaving?

We had another trip to the Maw. Visiting was fine, but leaving left me with much to be desired. At least I was able to get a decent deal for a hyper drive for us. Hopefully, the droid W-L3R will contact us soon to pick it up and all goes well. We need to get off of this rock. One thing that Ekko noticed was that the droid had two separate brains. It will be something to talk to CRE-8R-1 about later.
After taking time to heal and travel back, we returned home to find a large group of Jawas awaiting us. We disembarked the back ramp, and saw the Jawas lined up in a circle enveloping the rear of the ship. Groz was the first down the ramp, and was approached by one of them. Groz’s translator that was hanging off of his bandolier started to crackle as they were conversing.
“Greetings. We are here to speak about an urgent request about our colony. You are the only ones we can trust.”
“Go ahead,” replied Groz.
“We have had a disaster in our home. When expanding our tunnels, we released something that we can’t handle. There is some kind of beast and we can’t reach our lower nursery or our Old One.”
I asked what the beast looked like.
“We don’t know.”
“How are you sure it is there?”
“We heard the screeches and screams.”
“Did you send in any surveillance or recognizance droids?”
“We don’t have any that are functional, but we were building weapons.”
“How big is the creature?”
“That is unknown to us.”
Groz interjects, “We will tear off its limbs!”
The Jawa continues, “We have ship weapons, but they are too large for us to carry. They are also only good if the monster gets close to the weapon.”
The Jawa concludes by telling us that if we do this, that we would be paid handsomely.
Ekko had reservations helping the Jawas, but I reminded him that they have been helping us with the repair of our vehicle. The other thing to remember is that we need all the help we can get. After this deliberation as a group, we decide to help the Jawas.
They had us get into an ant-style walker. It was comprised of three spheres with couplers and walked like an ant towards the Jawa’s warren. It is a long six or seven hours to reach the area outside of the warren, but the Jawas greeted us sleeping quarters, and we ate food in the morning. While eating, they went over the layout of area we were going to go into. Meanwhile, Ekko worked on making a periscope from mirrors he found in the Jawas’ scraps. Gibbert found Ekko working on his device and upgraded the periscope from mirrors to a fully functioning electronic device using leftover droid eyes. Gibbert also made himself a combat shield. Towards the end of the meeting, the Jawas used weird drinks and herbs to heal Ekko and Groz. However, the effects of the healing were more affective on Ekko. They also gave us all one stim pack and giving an extra to Ekko and Groz.
We then headed to the warren’s entrance. On the way there, we saw dozens upon dozens of Jawas. Like an anthill, they seemed to come from nowhere and had individual hierarchies. Droids were used as animals of labor; straddled with saddlebags and walking on four legs to support more weight. Scraps were stacked up about a 100 meters high in a long, cavern-like formation. The sky could barely be seen. Along the walls were other walkers in different shapes and configurations. At the end of this long canyon was a dome shaped building. It was made of vehicle parts and blast door entrances. We were ushered into the building that looks like the insides of a capitol ship and were taken towards the beginning tunnels of the warren.
Before we reached that area though, we were greeted by another Jawa. He is dressed differently from the others and begins to speak.
“Welcome. We are part of the Neeknu Clan. We opened a path to a ship lower than this one that we inhabit. When we entered the new ship we found that the cargo bays were full of parts. While we were getting the items out we found a strange, organic sphere attached to the wall. It was attached to the wall by fibers and seemed inert. We had no interest in the sphere due to the cargo we were taking out of the bay.”
“How big was the sphere,” I asked.
“It was about 10 meters in size. The trouble began the next day. Jawas didn’t come back with salvage. The ones that were returning were screaming about a monster trying to kill them. Some Jawas never came back. Salvage databanks five no information except a log of exotic creatures being transported for a collector. Most of the exotic creatures died, but this one hibernated and woke to find meaty things to eat. Our weapons do nothing to this creature.”
The leader then hands over a map showing where the bulkheads are sealed.
“The monster should be in open areas, along with valuables and our very young and our very old. One of our elders is a seer. She warned us about our digging, as she saw what was about to happen, but we didn’t listen.”
We asked if they were going to help or wait until the beast is moved. The question about whether or not we should used heavy weapons is asked by Gibbert. The Jawas tell us that they will follow behind and will try to help their vulnerable as we handle the monster. We take another look at the map, and it seems that the vehicle they dug to is a mid-size military ship.
We finally went to the entrance to the lower caves. The overhang above it was open, but it looked like it was set up to drop quickly to block the entrance up for defense. As we go forward, the observing Jawas started to bow and back away in a showing of friendliness and gratitude. The inside is extremely dark. The Jawas that were guiding us give light to see by, but it wasn’t very much. Our group were able to walk side by side, five people wide, in the main corridor. As we walked, the smell started to waft in, smelling like soured animal milk. Along the walls were small, lighted globes barely making things visible.
We kept going until hitting a door with welded bars. There were Jawa guards keeping vigil over the door. After talking to them, the guards moved off to the side to allow the workers to cut it open. They torches cut for about ten minutes and the bars on the door fall to the ground. One of the cutter welders peered in and reports, “Looks clear.”
Groz enters the ship first, followed by Ekko, me, and finally Gibbert. Jawas laden with supplies follow behind. Jawa corpses line the walls. Scratches and gouge marks lined the walls. The Jawas may use scraps and pieces, but they are usually organized with their clutter. Everything in here is messy, damaged, or tossed aside. The pungent animal milk smell is quickly replaced with the aroma of rotting corpses. We trudged on, eventually making our way to the main entrance of the hangar.
This area was a little surprising as is actually lit with stringed lights and everything is visible. The area is large, with half of it full of shelters made from tents, crates, and the combination of the two. The other half was left open, but is now strewn with Jawa bodies. On the other end of the open area was a raised platform with chairs. They were arranged to what seemed to be a counsel. Three chairs resided on the highest platform, with more underneath it. There was also a chair set off to the side as if it were made for a defendant in any legal styled event. As we inspected this area, the Jawas skitter ahead, eager to help their own. Ekko became uneasy, feeling something was “off.” This was when we heard a “kerplunk” behind us as if something had dropped onto its feet from the ceiling.
What we see before us was a huge, spiky creature. The spikes looked like white coral from an ocean. The tendons underneath were exposed and were red, while turning blue at the extremities. Multiple tails came out of the back of the creature, combining into one tail at the end. Gibbert recognized the monster as something similar to a “Dust Stalker,” which I have never heard of before.
The monster recognized Groz as bigger and meatier and attacked him with his piercing claws. The monster screamed in Groz’s face and the smell of ammonia bellowed out from its mouth.
Groz responded by hitting the monster with his vibro sword. The vibro sword glowed and hummed and hacks into the monster. The monster again screamed with gritty blood, like sand, escaping it’s body.
I found some cover to the side and unloaded a massive payload from dual-wielding my new Dragoon blasters. Unfortunately, the energy from my blasts got absorbed by the creature’s hard exterior.
Ekko went to the other side of the hangar and set himself into a defensive stance and shoots his heavy blaster. Ekko hit the creature, but the heat just dissipates into the spikes.
Gibbert took aim and shot the creature with his blaster. His hit made a lot of damage and scrambled the monster’s senses.
The monster rallied to hit Groz again with it’s claws causing more damage to the Wookie.
I again shot both of my blasters at the beast successfully, causing massive damage and causing the monster to fall to the ground.
At this time, Ekko ran to Groz, who seemed to be hurt more than he usually is, and applied a stim pack to the Wookie.
Standing his ground, Gibbert fired his weapon. Unfortunately this time, the shot fires off into the distance, and his gun’s power pack ran out of energy causing his gun to power down.
Strained, Groz then went into a frenzy. He took his vibro sword and started to swing in wild abandon, roaring in his Wookie battle cry. The bright, humming weapon sliced through the animal’s body, causing it to lose two limbs in the process. This battle display frightened Ekko a little since he was so close, but Groz finishee the attack by plunging the vibro sword into the beast.
The Jawas watched in silence, but then started to jabber to each other excitedly. They were in awe. This battle in front of them only lasted half of a minute. During this moment, Gibbert takes a picture of the event on his data pad. Groz is covered with the gritty matter that was inside of the creature, and is also fluffed out in an aura of static charge. As things calmed down, Gibbert gave Groz another healing, and the Jawas poked their smaller weapons and sticks at the monster.
Now, with the battle completed, the Jawas rushed to the lower areas of the ship to help their most vulnerable members. Eventually, the children and Elders came out of the depths. There were some Jawas in black robes, rather than brown, and one specifically more different than the others. This one had long, jangly hair. She was the seer. They got closer to the creature, and the seer then said, “It is done. You have done a great service, and you all are entitled to a great treasure. I would also offer a great augury for Groz and friends. Right now, there is mourning, celebration, and cleaning to be done. We can talk about this later.” The seer then stopped, touched Groz’s wound, and it seemed to heal faster than a stim pack could ever provide.
We were then escorted to the Jawas outside of the warren. There was a sea of brown robes, combined with cheers of celebration. The Jawas were handing all of us small parts and electronics in gratitude. This made Ekko and Gibbert happy. The elder we met the night before suggested that we come back for our rewards. Groz responded by telling them that he will return on the day of his augury, which they were all pleased to hear. Jawa drivers were all offering to take us back home, and we eventually made it home so we can now enjoy some rest.
When we returned, I took some time to work on my marksmanship. Hopefully, it comes in handy later.

3/23/21 Session Write Up
The One Where We Become Interplanetary Arms Dealers

Welp, once we got back to the Gozanti with our new friend Ekko, we decided to try and offload a bunch of our scavenged guns. Groz called up Dith, who didn’t think he’d be able to pass through such a large amount of weapons. But ol’ Dith hooked us up with a list of folk he thought might be able to help us. There was Zithio, head of the Karack Red. I’d had some run-ins with them back when I was a shipbreaker. Not my first choice of folk I’d want to do business with. Then there was this Wyler what worked for the Joolette family. They’s a Rhodian crime syndicate out of Raxulon, and are apparently always on the lookout for weapons and other tactical gear. And last was Melobo, who we all know and love.
As the Goz is currently one hyperdrive short of complete, I thought Wyler and the Joolettes might be our best bet at making an even trade for one. So, we loaded up Baby with all our ill gotten loot legitimate salvage and headed to The Maw, where this Wyler fella part-times. And guess what? I got to pilot Baby for the first time since she was built, an account of Arzon being passed out in the co-pilot seat. Ekko seemed real keen on giving Baby a spin too, but I was too busy enjoying to flight to take much notice. Boy, lemme tell ya, once she gets moving, she’s a real dream to fly. Gettin’ her settle on Pad 7 of the Maw is an entirely diff’rent matter, and she got dinged up a bit. Nuthin’ that won’t buff out, mind, but still a bit embarrassing.
So figuring the bazaar would be the place to find Wyler, that’s where we headed. Once there, and not knowing exactly where to look, Groz took matters into his own furry hands and grabbed the nearest Trandosian he could find. Hoo boy, the look on the feller’s face was somethin’, lemme tell ya! Anywho, Groz asks this feller where we can find Wyler, and didn’t he he look down his snout as us. Like we wasn’t worth this high and mighty Wyler’s attention. Well, groz disabused him of that notion right quick, and sent that skinny fella off to find Wyler for us. After about an hour of bummin’ around in the food court, and keepin’ an eye on Ekko, out comes this droid. Apparenty it’s Y-L3R, not Wyler. Huh, funny that. Anyways, this Y-L3R and Arzon get to hagglin’, and I reckon Arzon got the better end of the stick for us, with an even trade of our pile of guns for a working hyperdrive. Provided our guns are up to snuff, and provided their hyperdrive meets my specs. Y-L3R wanted to see the guns right away, so off we went back to Baby so they could have a gander. And have a gander they did, findin’ our guns to be of sufficient quality to seal the deal. Y-L3R went about their merry way, and we all went back to the bazaar so Arzon could do some gun shoppin’. Ekko, that sneaky little git, had followed Y-L3R to see what they got up to, and he came runnin’ back to tell us that Y-L3R had talked to the first Rhodisian what had words with Groz. Told ‘im to start dismantling the ’Lectrum Eel for parts. Spifficly for a hyperdrive. For our Gozanti. Well, shoot. That just put a big ol’ grin on my face when I heard it.
Arzon finished up his shopping, and came back with a real purty set of matched DR-45’s. Not sure I could make better my own self! So, our business on The Maw concluded, we headed back to Baby. We was just about to the landing pad when Ekko, who’d slipped outta sight for a moment, came runnin’ back yellin’ somethin’ about somebody cuttin’ in to Baby. Well we all ran towards the pad and saw three big cat-like folk in front of her, one of which had a fusion cutter and was just about to light into the hull!
Well I saw red and started runnin’ up on ‘em and hollerin at ’em to get away from Baby! Blaster fire started going back and forth, and I just stood there angry as all get out shootin’ at ‘em for all I’s worth. I saw Arzon go down, and that just made me madder. One of them went down, then Ekko popped up from behind ‘em and another one went down but didn’t seem to be out. And heck, I was so dang angry I don’t rightly remember much of the rest of the fight. Just Groz finishing the last guy off at point blank. When I looked around, I saw Ekko and Arzon in pretty bad shape. There was a medkit in the ship, so I asked Groz to bring over Arzon for some first aid. I also patched up Ekko, and asked him to run back to the market to get some stimpaks. While he was out, and Arzon was still woozy from the hits he took (he really needs to let me make him a nice set of light armor), Groz and I looked over the feller’s that were after Baby. One of ‘em was still alive, so we threw him in the ship to take back with us. Security finally shows up, and we explain what happened. They really didn’t seem to apologetic for lettin’ these hooligans at our ship whiles we was out. Anyways, these fellers all had some kinda gang tattoo, a hexagon or somethin’, and we’ll have to figure that out and add ‘em to the list.
Ekko came back with some stimpaks, and we decided we’d had just about enough of the Maw for one day, and lit out with Ekko in the pilot seat. I was a little leary ‘bout lettin’ him fly Baby, but he seem to know what he was doin’. Had a bit of a scrape on the way out (glad it’s not just me) but was fine the rest of the way back to the Goz. When we got there, we saw a hole passle of Jawas waitin’ for us. <sigh> What now?

Distress Call
Or "Groz Gets a New Pet"

It’s been nearly two month since our friends Cree and Fraxx left us to seek their destiny with the force wielder, Vanku. In that time we have stayed quiet. We worked, we salvaged, we continue in our pursuits.

A Chadra-fan observes a trio. Thus far, he has seen them build a ship, salvage, build a ship, sleep, build a ship, build gear, build a ship. Beyond that, not much. Stories say this group has been involved in interesting situations: disappeared bounty hunters, wiped out slavers, possibly a space heist? Stories of smuggled Wookiees seem to be confirmed with the dozen Wookiee workers out in the Wastes. After all this time of monotony, a change occurs when this trio board their homemade vehicle and swoop off to the south. This intriguing change causes the Chadra-fan to follow in a small R-22 Spearhead starfighter.

The distress signal is weak. Likely this is the result of the innumerable amounts of refuse and debris. I loathe this planet beyond conveyance. There is nothing green and good and living here. Even the inhabitants are haunted. Gibbert insists something is not quite right, though nothing within my vision says elsewise.

As the horrid heaps begin to level into a field of unnatural ground, we see smoke in the shrinking distance issuing from craters. Small remnant fires continue burning while piecemeal battle droids lie strewn across what can only be described as a field of battle. Behind an impromptu defensive barrier of the body of a six-legged military walker, are more still forms, dressed in laminate armor. The scene is still, though the multitude of metals and materials interfere with the life-signs scanner, making it difficult to determine just who, if anyone, is still alive. We land 100 yards away, in search of salvage and survivors.

The Chadra-fan sets down amidst cover and camouflage, eager to continue observing these new developments. Quickly, it creeps closer to the landing gear of their bus.

Massive blasts have damaged the walker body in ways that the droid weapons would be unable to do. We check the soldiers, looking for survivors, but we have arrived too late. I count each corpse, taking in the insignia of two corporals, two sergeants, and sixteen troopers. Each one is young and recently thawed. Each one is dead.

The Chadra-fan continues observing, curious as to the trio’s intentions. The human in the straw hat called Gibbert carries a med-kit while the Wookiee, Groz, seems somber. Upon seeming to determine that no survivors exist, the trio begins to collect valuables. From beneath his feet, a shift in the debris pile causes the Chadra-Fan to find itself holding on tightly, atop a rolling droid tank, and it’s powering up for a second battle.

A wrenching metal sound alerts Gibbert and Arzon to an emerging threat moving towards us. Gibbert recognizes this tank to be the cause of the massive damage to the troopers’ defenses. He tells me to draw its fire away and I dash into it’s line of fire angling the tank to expose it’s already weakened hull better to Arzon and Gibbert. The tank moves closer and I hope I have adjusted it’s position enough that Gibbert and Arzon can get clear shots off. The tank looses a blast and it burns across my arm, fur sizzling away. I can not slow down though. I have a job to do. Atop the tank is a smallish creature, a Jawa perhaps. I must retrieve it or it could be injured.

The distraction is successful as Arzon rapid fires a blast right through the ruptured hull, causing the droid to shudder and spin violently. The Jawa on top of the droid begins pulling at wires and parts, trying to disrupt the tank’s charge. Gibbert tries to climb the tank, but it’s churning treads make it difficult. Instead, he tosses a grenade at the rupture in the tank, but the grenade does not go off.

The tank shifts its direction, angling at Arzon while protecting its weak spot. Arzon manages to dodge the blast but loses his gun in the process. In an impressive move, he dives for his gun, retrieves it, and is behind cover in a fluid motion.

My long limbs give me greater advantage and I easily hoist myself on the tank as the Jawa throws the dud grenade into the hole. I scoop up the Jawa, and leap free from the tank just as Arzon fires into the breech again. A crackling sound precedes a detonation. The armored hull contains most of the blast, sparing the Jawa and myself from exposure to the blast. The droid tank screeches and dies, slowing to a stop and joining the ranks of the debris.

The Jawa is not a Jawa. In the aftermath of battle, I see him clearly now. Squinted eyes, blunted snout, large ears make it reminiscent of some of the creatures of Kashyyyk. It chitters in a long form, no breaks or breaths between it’s high pitched words. It calls itself Ekko and says it has been stranded in these wastes. Eagerly, the creature – Ekko – helps us salvage debris and load our bus.

Before departing, I ensure the dog tags of both squadrons are safely tucked away. I hope to someday return them to Boss.


It took some time to get to this place, but here we are inside a clone trooper ship. The inside of the ship is set up for living in. It is well lit and comfortable. However, the ship is slightly angled if and makes myself feel off-kilter if I focus on it.

Prievan Vanku is the person we are visiting, and he keeps to himself. He lives in the junk piles of Xer on Raxus Prime, so he definitely wants to be alone. It is only on Methok’s endorsement that we have gotten to meet him. He seems to be the only person that Prievan talks to.

I have come in my diplomat’s clothes to be more formal and to hopefully ease conversation. We all sit down comfortably near each other as I introduce myself, as does our group, and I continue to socially engage with Prievan. He seems to find my compliments genuine and seems to take a liking to what I have to say. Prievan senses that we are travel weary and excuses himself to make refreshments for all of us.

Prievan returns with food and drink, which we all partake. The food is basic, but palatable and nutritious. He tells us that he is very close to Methok, and that Methok has properly vetted all of us. Prievan confides to us that he is a pathfinder; a seeker. He has traveled to many planets and even more moons. War has reached across the entire galaxy. He leans into Frax and tells him about his sensitivities to the mists and how it can be a gift, or a curse if his talents are not trained.

Prievan then returns to the conflict that seems to surround us. He converses about how the Imperial forces have been infiltrating Raxus Prime and how it seems to him, based on his experience, that Raxus Prime will most likely be under Imperial control within the next six months. He reveals that the Governor has been a friend to the Imperials and their rise to power. The Governor believes that this will help his own political aspirations, and has been subtle about it so far. However, Prievan believes that the Governor will go big, if the situation calls for it.

Prievan then switches subjects and talks about his home here. He talks about his order surviving and making this base in the ruins. He continues talking about the ruins and how the droid defenses there are probably the doing of the droid engineer that lives there. The droid engineer was a general in the war where he studied the droids that were used. He took that knowledge and created droids for the temple. Ultimately, the general went mad with his tasks.

Prievan remembers other mad creatures and talks about the creature we encountered earlier: The Fourth Sister. She was part of the Inquisitor order initiated by Palpatine, but eventually disbanded. Palpatine either killed the remaining part of the order or simply sent them out into the world, but they are still in good graces of the Empire. The one we encountered is possibly related to the original Mayor of Raxus Prime and her name is Trema. She has unusually strong abilities to dampen Force sensing powers. She has been smuggling clones, frozen in carbonite, into a secret base on Raxus Prime. We are told that the factory on Raxus Prime is also part of the Imperial Security Bureau too.

We then give him information we have received from the BOSS clone trooper.

CREE-8R-1 then talks about how they would like to talk to the droid maker, and look for them in the ruins.

Gibbert asks if the comms we have can be used to delay the plans of the infiltration of Raxus Prime. Prievan says that he will send the information along, but the scale of the fight is so small versus the Imperial forces, that the battle will certainly leave the Imperial forces victorious.

Gibbert asks, “Is the intel valuable?”

Prievan responds, “Yes.”

“How valuable?”

Prievan shows a deep stare and responds that he will offer answers to us that no one else can give.

Groz asks him how he can go to the rebellion. Prievan offers to tell the rebel forces to contact us, but asks for what purpose.

“I might want to join,” Groz replies. “How can we help you?”

“You already have.”

Prievan seems to mull over more things in his head and asks us what we know about Jedi. I tell him that I have only heard the myths and legends that they have left behind. Prievan talks about how the Jedi have been shown to be the would-be assassins of Palpatine, even though they tried to help. He has been everywhere looking for Force-sensitives to bring in for training. He has found dozens of children over the last decade. He doesn’t want to think about what happened when Palpatine proclaimed the Jedi as enemies of the Empire, and that there might have been a handful that have survived. He feels like he has a lot to do. He reiterates that Methok knows what happened during the Clone Wars and current events. If we want more information, we should talk to him.

Prievan then turns to Frax. He implores to him that he is in danger with his abilities if he does not get proper training; that he needs a teacher to gain control over them. He offers to take him to a secret world where there is an experienced teacher. This teacher can give Frax the training he needs, if he so desires. He has room for one more life form on his ship, as he is going to leave Raxus Prime to go there. CREE-8R-1 offers to go with Frax and Prievan since droids do not use life support resources, and Frax is eager to accept. Prievan tells Frax and CREE-8R-1 to pack as he is leaving tomorrow. This seems to be a shock and extremely abrupt to me, but it seems to be what Frax wants, and probably needs. I am sure that the rest of the group feels the same way. It will be good that CREE-8R-1 is going with him since he can’t watch his own back the entire time. The two of them start thinking about packing. Prievan tells Frax and CREE-8R-1 again that they are leaving tomorrow morning and a glass window they can go to in the ruins so they can meet up to leave. He also suggests that we try to get off of the planet as soon as possible since the Imperial influence is becoming too great to ignore. Prievan says that they will leave at first light. Groz makes it known that he does not like this situation; at all.

Two clones, Fenn and Geller arrive and Prievan talks about how this is their home. Fenn and Geller are older clones, and in less shape than the clones we are used to. Gellar is bald, with electric scarring down one side of his body. Fenn has a long surgical scar down his head.

Fenn asks us where we are from, and talks about how we seem to come from a lot of places. I instantly quip that it seems that he, himself, seems to come from many places, trying to not make reference to his cybernetic additions. Groz asks Fenn and Gellar why they don’t fight anymore since they are clones. Fenn responds that the fighting got old after they removed the items that were in their head that told them to fight. He continues to say that the clones that are being brought here in carbonite are trained and then frozen. So when they are unfrozen, it seems like it was yesterday for them when they left their training. Fenn feels sorry for them and talks about how they get to pick their leader and the frozen clones don’t.

Fenn then talks about combat strategies and how his role was ordinance during the Clone Wars. Gellar’s role was infantry. He talks bout how they can help us track down where the Imperials are. If we don’t want to engage with them, they can also help keep us hidden. Fenn then asks if I wanted to get off this rock, why don’t I just buy a ticket.

“It’s complicated,” I reply.

Fenn turns to Groz and asks, “Well, what are you doing?”

Groz is quick to tell him that he is freeing Wookies.

Fenn brings out a full body suit and shows it to us. He talks about how he uses it to take scrap into town to trade for supplies. This is followed by small talk. There is talk about how we can go to the Jawa clan to update weapons and eventually he thanks us for hanging out.

There is an odd sense in the group now. The group is splitting apart. We haven’t been together long, but we seem to work together well, and we have skills to get things done. Circumstances have brought us together, but it seems too soon to have the situation change this radically. It is then that Frax tells us that he is also a pathfinder. So, if by chance we find our way into the stars when they are done, he will find us. In my moment of foggy thought, I banter, “Is that a threat?” But it wasn’t what I meant, and Frax restates that this is temporary and that we will meet again.

And we wait until tomorrow…


[Translated Adventure Log]

Blaster fire pops off all around, singeing fur and burning flesh below. I growl, clench my teeth, and charge into the fray. Who do these cretins think they are, attacking our Jawas? I call to the team. “Trouble. Come fast.” But I have no more time to think of the team as I swing my blades into the first attacker.

Hours before
The big city bustles around us as we head off to Tiana’s. I’m looking forward to seeing my friend Methok again. Speaking with him is so much easier than speaking to my team. My voice does not make their noise, but a strangled approximation that causes me to appear stupid and animalistic. Thanks to Methok’s incredible cybernetic, this problem is not a problem.

Our arrival catches Methok stocking some familiar looking bottle of whiskey. I wonder where those could possible have come from? Fraxx tells Methok that we need to contact a man named Prieven Vanku. Methok identifies Fraxx as a Findsmen. I’m unsure what that means, exactly, but I suspect the “mists” of which he always speaks to be related to the Force the Jedi of yore employed. Methok is very serious then, his jovial personality stoney. He checks and checks again that we are certain we want to contact this Vanku.

(OOC- I don’t remember if Methok told us or we found out, but Methok once worked as a researcher for a man called Wullf Yularen. In this capacity, he prepared Yularen to interact with a wide variety of species and cultures, leading to a broad range of knowledge for Methok).

“He can see through you to your very core”, Methok warns. Vanku takes no risks, and is unafraid to obliterate anything which could bring him harm or expose him. We insist on meeting Vanku and Methok tells us he will contact Vanku on our behalf.

Days pass while we await word from Methok or Vanku. Our team decide to begin the dismantling the LAAT. Thinking trade with the Jawas would be warranted, I take a speeder to search for them. They’re difficult to find among the disgusting wastes of this plastic planet. I personally loath it. I can not wait to find a place with some semblance of green.


Smoke draws my eye, twisting wistfully up from the Jawa’s walker. It lies tilted at a strange angle. Along the ridge, raiders have pinned the Jawas down, while two more waves approach the walker. A small band of courageous Jawas stand to protect what is theirs.

I will not stand this. I zip in on the speeder, disengaging rather less graceful than I had hoped. I take hits, but by then my anger at the audacity of these assailants, at this planet, at the reason I am here has spilled out and my blades slash and whirl.

Cree, Arzon, and Frax arrive. Cree takes several bad hits as he comes to support me. Dear droid, what a courageous heart-unit. Together we are able to terminate every assailant whom has come out against the Jawas. I hope the carnage serves a message to their people. These are our Jawas. The raiders left behind loot, weapons, and rides. We take most of it.

The Jawas are very thankful, and agree to very favorable trade terms, or so I am told. I do not understand their speech so well and we communicate in gestures and grunts. With Gibbert’s knowledge and the favor of the Jawas, we – and to that I mean Cree and Gibbert – create a large vehicle for the lost of us to travel in and christens it “Baby”.

Two Weeks Later

We receive a com call from Methok with details to meet Vanku. We take Baby to a series of coordinates, first one, then the other, zig zagging across the wastes in a meander meant to confuse us. Eventually we come to the Hulk Hull Mountains. Within the graveyard of behemoth ship carcasses, we find a landing platform next to a colossal, hollowed out Imperial ship. Debris mounds move out of the way, as if on their own, revealing a beacon light at the mouth of a tunnel. The light disappears nearly as quickly as it came. Landing, we see a figure standing in the mouth of the tunnel. Fraxx does not sense other sentient life beyond the figure and our team. Fraxx seems deep in thought, as though his mists are speaking to him. I wonder if the mists are speaking to Vanku also.

The figure, Vanku, invites us inside. His living quarters seem to be repurposed rooms of the ship. Only the deep interior uses power. The ship, his home now, is at a slight tilt. We gather around a table, Vanku at the head in what used to be a captain’s chair. There is no point in being coy or cagey. If Vanku truly can sense within us, offering disception and half truths will only bring harm. We give him the data cylinder, pointing to Operation Strike Fear specifically. As Vanku combs through it, we share how we acquired the cylinder and the woman we saw. Vanku identifies her as “Fourth Sister”, an ex-Inquisitor. While the organization no longer exists, those few survivors operate and haggle for power. Fourth Sister has a natural skill allowing her to block certain Force powers, making her valuable, and difficult for Fraxx’s mists to see.

I try to impress onto Vanku that Boss, while involved and bearing fault for his actions, is also trapped within them. I hope Vanku understands this.

Upon reviewing the cylinder and hearing our story, Vanku’s response surprises me. He tells us there is much to explain, and will make some refreshments. I feel we are in for an interesting story.

12/22/20 - "In Which The Mists Speak Back..."

Frax and Frax’s friends have found themselves in The Maw; following Frax’s understanding of the Mists and the visions of doom encased in carbonite blocks. Friend Groz made his way to the landing pad and spoke with a man who goes by the name “Boss”; a Clone Trooper sergeant who has been working for the Empire. Friend Groz is good at these conversations and discussed the situation at great length – New Friend Boss tells Groz he’s a drill sergeant and his brothers are a “special class” – they’ve never seen combat; after training they were immediately frozen – Tactical Reserve Clone Troopers (TREC troopers) – send them to worlds where separatists had everything locked down to send them in frozen in carbonite to avoid life-form scanners on Separatist worlds.

New Friend Boss shares with Groz that his orders involve getting “his brothers” prepared to fight under a woman that scares him, deeply – she is the lurking darkness in Frax’s visions from the Mists. When they are done speaking, Boss has slipped an Imperial Data Cylinder to Friend Groz – when Groz returns to the group, Frax and his friends are able to review the data on it.

Basic gist is that Renair Ettrius – regional governor of the Pakuni system – we’re in the Tion Hegemony; made up of a number of sectors. Made up of a group of sectors – as a trade pact of collective groups to trade with outside system. Right next to (Galactic East) – is the Pakuni sector, which is ruled from the planet Pakuni; the sector governor runs the entire sector under Imperial rule. He’s got more than 6 of these blocks; and called in a favor with Kayn Somos, who is a commander at a Stormtrooper training facility to get access to Boss to come train these TREC troopers. Arranged for the deployment of all of these TREC troopers through smugglers to get onto the planet’s surface – twice before, stormtroopers and scouts had been sent and both times were wiped out by the rogue droids (appearing to be Clone Wars droids) annihilated them. From the cylinder, Frax and friends also found out the stormtroopers were originally from the garrison on Pakuni. Ettrius seems like he’s trying to make Moff – if he can get this whole region to fall; then he’s looking to be the moff of this sector which would be a big promotion for him.

There’s also some recent reports – military intelligence attached to this cylinder – on the Planet of Turkana (in the Pakuni Sector) – the Empire was warned about a buildup of Rebel ships. The Empire sent in 10 Star Destroyers – according to the report; they were forced to retreat. Intel report has a bunch of information about the makeup of the Rebel fleet (MC-80 commanded by a Captain Ackbar, 7 Mon Calamari star cruisers, couple of Nebulon-B Frigates, CR90s, GR75 transports and a tanker ship) – Rebels deployed Y-wings and a new experimental fighter that was extremely effective that had a cross winged design – the Tyrant and the Accuser were both present at this battle and were heavily damaged. Commanders were forced to flee – the officer in charge of this operation was Imperial Captain Lennox. Because of this, the regional governor was able to request additional resources and more force – recent reports make reference to Operation Strike Fear – which will target the Tion Hegemony and the Pakuni sector and this is one small piece of what’s coming.

Frax is beyond certain this is what The Mists wanted to tell Frax! Frax must forewarn and guide people away from this Imperial aggression! This is a great task from the Mists that Frax and Frax’s friends must accomplish.

Before long, the Far Reacher makes its landing and a cargo ramp comes down from the Far Reacher while a couple of men walk off in Combat armor with heavy rifles. As they come off the platform, there’s a dark-robed woman, in a dark grey body suit, black armor plates, face hidden by a hood. Tall, almost stretched out looking form and is clearly in command as she starts calling the shots.

She has red eyes, red markings and a very pale face – suspiciously similar to Ranair Ettrius the governor of the Pakuni sector. From the video feed we can see the Imperials start loading the carbonite blocks on the ship as the woman starts talking to Boss and the captain from the Electrum Eel. The captain of Electrum Eel and the Syndicate Enforcer are heading to the Bazaar – the Bothan and Aqualish guards are concluding their business as well. Frax can’t take his eyes off the woman; and not in a good way – she is the smoke from Frax’s visions; in his mind’s eye, she’s obscured by the black, smoke – she’s a blind spot in the Mists to Frax.

We leave them to their business and on the way to regroup with friend Gav-Arzon, Frax steps into the bounty hunter’s office and recognizes a Human bounty hunter named Tallin Ericko; not a well-known hunter but has made some steps to become a name for himself. Human, has a Han Solo vibe – swagger – Frax isn’t sure what to make of him, but they have a discussion about making contact with the Rebel Alliance and Ericko passes on a name – Vanku, Privan Vanku – with a warning – “If he doesn’t like you, and I can’t stress this enough, nobody else will speak with you.”, said Ericko.

After the Arzon meets with a Falleen named Garrix, Frax moves to join the others – Cree, Groz and Arzon are with the Falleen – Gibbert orders a round of drinks that are too strong for everyone and bows out for the evening. Several guards – 3 Aqualish and a Trandoshan + 2 more Trandoshans come in – and the Falleen reviews the security footage.

The Scales show up and start dealing with the Bothan who was bribed at the landing pad to let the Far Reacher get onboard. The Falleen, Garrix, is not happy about this; and something is about to go down on the lower levels. Garrix is one of 5 that run this place; with many workers of the Chadra Fan and others who built this place – he says that “it is ours, and we intend to keep it ours; no Imperials must intervene.”

The two ships fade out into nothing but Garrix shows the cargo bay situation; the 5 carbonite blocks have been loaded and the defrosted troopers + Boss and the creepy lady are having a conversation; a few seconds later the turbolift opens, the Trandoshans are in the lead and start blasting…Frax notices immediately that the woman casually pulls a lasersword off of her belt and knocks away blaster fire and the soldiers next to her start laying down cover fire – clearly trained to deal with this kind of thing.

The information from Talon Ericko about meeting the contact – we know Methok and it’s not a definitive thing, but Frax feels like there’s a split between working on the ship (which will give us the most bang for the buck) – on this other fork; joining with Methok and Vanku; some part of Frax knows that if he speaks with Methok tomorrow; he’ll meet up with Vanku and this is important – this is on the edge of his foresight; and from Arzon’s perspective (magnitude) – It’s Critical that Arzon accompanies Frax to this meeting. On one hand, Frax and Frax’s friends will be space captains controlling the destiny of Frax and friends but if we meet with Vanku; we’ll be embroiled in conflict – but it will be honest conflict; important and intense.

The One Where We Stare Into the Maw

Welp, I was hopin’ for a little down time after gettin’ the LAAT back to strip ‘er down and start buildin’ a new air speeder, but that dang Frax was real insistent that we get movin’ to that Maw place. Truth be told, I don’t rightly reckon I understand all this about “the Mists” and whatever it is they’s tellin’ Frax about. But Frax’s done right by me, and I gotta do right by him. So, I rousted Arzon and asked him to pick up the LAAT, whilst I finished my flapjacks and everybody else got ready. We’d barely got clear of the ’Yards before Arzon met us with the LAAT, and then off we went south to the Maw.

We found the place pretty easy, and boy let me tell ya, it’s aptly named. Nestled in the gap-toothed grin of rusted space hulks and scraps sat an old droid control ship, hollowed out and rigged to be a kinda space port and tradin’ post. I’d helped to break one of these things down a while back, so I knew what she was right away. Frax and Arzon handled the air controllers and got us a berth. After remindin’ everyone that we’re strangers here and to try and play nice, which I’m pretty sure fell on deaf ears, off we went.

Right away we got met by some officials askin’ for port fees, which we paid out of the general fund. Seems like this place is run by a combination of Bothan and Aqualish, with a few Trandosians thrown in for security, cuz we seen a lot of them runnin’ around in some kind of uniforms. Seeing as how Frax was gettin’ antsy (see what I did there?), we hopped on a tram and headed straight for the old center sphere, where they got the big boys berthed. Figure a big ol’ Gozanti like the Electrum Eel had to be parked there.

We got as close as we was gonna get and hopped off the tram into the outskirts of what turned out to be a pretty nifty bazaar of licit and illicit goods. Groz went off to try to find a translator, and I wanted to take a look at some boom plastic, but Frax was real insistent that we keep movin’. He was leadin’ us towards the guild office when some jumped up Trandosians thought they’d be cute and hassle us. But Frax just paid them no nevermind and we kept walking. Frax and me headed into the office whilst Arzon and the rest of the crew tried to smooth things over with the Trandosians. After takin’ care of his guild dues bein’ in arrears, and greasin’ the palm of the guild rep, Frax was able to pull some info about our quarry. Seems the Eel was down on pad 6 and had some company inbound; a ILHKK name Far Reacher outta Raxulon was due to set down next to her in the next little bit. The Eel had also filed an flight plan outbound for Corellia.

Next we was gonna just head on down to pad 6, but wiser heads prevailed and we instead found a little out of the way corner of the station for Cree to try and slice in for some more intel. Which he did. Have I mentioned that Cree is very good at slicin’? If not, I’m sure he’ll tell ya! Anywho, Cree got us a video feed of pad 6, where we saw the Eel and her crew; a big security droid detachment, the pilot, and one fella what looked to be armed and armored to the teeth. A further look showed us them carbonite blocks whats got Frax all in a tizzy. Next to them was another guy in armor, a bit older and with a tattoo on his shoulder. CS 8055. Not sure what to do next, Arzon and Groz headed out to get some more information. They ended up in a cantina, where Arzon chatted up one of the local muscle, a feline lookin’ fella named Hersh. After some sweet talkin’ and a 50 credit bribe, Hersh spilled some intel on our tattood guy. Turns out his name is “Boss”, and he’s been hangin’ out in the Maw for a few months now. Boss is a cyber enhanced soldier from way back in the clone wars and he’s been waitin’ for his brothers. Other clones maybe? The guys returned out our little corner and relayed the news, not that we know what to do with it.

We got a whole lot of information, but not a lick of plan yet, with not a lotta time to make one.


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