Star Wars: Rise from the Ruins

3/23/21 Session Write Up

The One Where We Become Interplanetary Arms Dealers

Welp, once we got back to the Gozanti with our new friend Ekko, we decided to try and offload a bunch of our scavenged guns. Groz called up Dith, who didn’t think he’d be able to pass through such a large amount of weapons. But ol’ Dith hooked us up with a list of folk he thought might be able to help us. There was Zithio, head of the Karack Red. I’d had some run-ins with them back when I was a shipbreaker. Not my first choice of folk I’d want to do business with. Then there was this Wyler what worked for the Joolette family. They’s a Rhodian crime syndicate out of Raxulon, and are apparently always on the lookout for weapons and other tactical gear. And last was Melobo, who we all know and love.
As the Goz is currently one hyperdrive short of complete, I thought Wyler and the Joolettes might be our best bet at making an even trade for one. So, we loaded up Baby with all our ill gotten loot legitimate salvage and headed to The Maw, where this Wyler fella part-times. And guess what? I got to pilot Baby for the first time since she was built, an account of Arzon being passed out in the co-pilot seat. Ekko seemed real keen on giving Baby a spin too, but I was too busy enjoying to flight to take much notice. Boy, lemme tell ya, once she gets moving, she’s a real dream to fly. Gettin’ her settle on Pad 7 of the Maw is an entirely diff’rent matter, and she got dinged up a bit. Nuthin’ that won’t buff out, mind, but still a bit embarrassing.
So figuring the bazaar would be the place to find Wyler, that’s where we headed. Once there, and not knowing exactly where to look, Groz took matters into his own furry hands and grabbed the nearest Trandosian he could find. Hoo boy, the look on the feller’s face was somethin’, lemme tell ya! Anywho, Groz asks this feller where we can find Wyler, and didn’t he he look down his snout as us. Like we wasn’t worth this high and mighty Wyler’s attention. Well, groz disabused him of that notion right quick, and sent that skinny fella off to find Wyler for us. After about an hour of bummin’ around in the food court, and keepin’ an eye on Ekko, out comes this droid. Apparenty it’s Y-L3R, not Wyler. Huh, funny that. Anyways, this Y-L3R and Arzon get to hagglin’, and I reckon Arzon got the better end of the stick for us, with an even trade of our pile of guns for a working hyperdrive. Provided our guns are up to snuff, and provided their hyperdrive meets my specs. Y-L3R wanted to see the guns right away, so off we went back to Baby so they could have a gander. And have a gander they did, findin’ our guns to be of sufficient quality to seal the deal. Y-L3R went about their merry way, and we all went back to the bazaar so Arzon could do some gun shoppin’. Ekko, that sneaky little git, had followed Y-L3R to see what they got up to, and he came runnin’ back to tell us that Y-L3R had talked to the first Rhodisian what had words with Groz. Told ‘im to start dismantling the ’Lectrum Eel for parts. Spifficly for a hyperdrive. For our Gozanti. Well, shoot. That just put a big ol’ grin on my face when I heard it.
Arzon finished up his shopping, and came back with a real purty set of matched DR-45’s. Not sure I could make better my own self! So, our business on The Maw concluded, we headed back to Baby. We was just about to the landing pad when Ekko, who’d slipped outta sight for a moment, came runnin’ back yellin’ somethin’ about somebody cuttin’ in to Baby. Well we all ran towards the pad and saw three big cat-like folk in front of her, one of which had a fusion cutter and was just about to light into the hull!
Well I saw red and started runnin’ up on ‘em and hollerin at ’em to get away from Baby! Blaster fire started going back and forth, and I just stood there angry as all get out shootin’ at ‘em for all I’s worth. I saw Arzon go down, and that just made me madder. One of them went down, then Ekko popped up from behind ‘em and another one went down but didn’t seem to be out. And heck, I was so dang angry I don’t rightly remember much of the rest of the fight. Just Groz finishing the last guy off at point blank. When I looked around, I saw Ekko and Arzon in pretty bad shape. There was a medkit in the ship, so I asked Groz to bring over Arzon for some first aid. I also patched up Ekko, and asked him to run back to the market to get some stimpaks. While he was out, and Arzon was still woozy from the hits he took (he really needs to let me make him a nice set of light armor), Groz and I looked over the feller’s that were after Baby. One of ‘em was still alive, so we threw him in the ship to take back with us. Security finally shows up, and we explain what happened. They really didn’t seem to apologetic for lettin’ these hooligans at our ship whiles we was out. Anyways, these fellers all had some kinda gang tattoo, a hexagon or somethin’, and we’ll have to figure that out and add ‘em to the list.
Ekko came back with some stimpaks, and we decided we’d had just about enough of the Maw for one day, and lit out with Ekko in the pilot seat. I was a little leary ‘bout lettin’ him fly Baby, but he seem to know what he was doin’. Had a bit of a scrape on the way out (glad it’s not just me) but was fine the rest of the way back to the Goz. When we got there, we saw a hole passle of Jawas waitin’ for us. <sigh> What now?



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