Star Wars: Rise from the Ruins

Let the bodies hit the floor.

Or, does this ham need cleaving?

We had another trip to the Maw. Visiting was fine, but leaving left me with much to be desired. At least I was able to get a decent deal for a hyper drive for us. Hopefully, the droid W-L3R will contact us soon to pick it up and all goes well. We need to get off of this rock. One thing that Ekko noticed was that the droid had two separate brains. It will be something to talk to CRE-8R-1 about later.
After taking time to heal and travel back, we returned home to find a large group of Jawas awaiting us. We disembarked the back ramp, and saw the Jawas lined up in a circle enveloping the rear of the ship. Groz was the first down the ramp, and was approached by one of them. Groz’s translator that was hanging off of his bandolier started to crackle as they were conversing.
“Greetings. We are here to speak about an urgent request about our colony. You are the only ones we can trust.”
“Go ahead,” replied Groz.
“We have had a disaster in our home. When expanding our tunnels, we released something that we can’t handle. There is some kind of beast and we can’t reach our lower nursery or our Old One.”
I asked what the beast looked like.
“We don’t know.”
“How are you sure it is there?”
“We heard the screeches and screams.”
“Did you send in any surveillance or recognizance droids?”
“We don’t have any that are functional, but we were building weapons.”
“How big is the creature?”
“That is unknown to us.”
Groz interjects, “We will tear off its limbs!”
The Jawa continues, “We have ship weapons, but they are too large for us to carry. They are also only good if the monster gets close to the weapon.”
The Jawa concludes by telling us that if we do this, that we would be paid handsomely.
Ekko had reservations helping the Jawas, but I reminded him that they have been helping us with the repair of our vehicle. The other thing to remember is that we need all the help we can get. After this deliberation as a group, we decide to help the Jawas.
They had us get into an ant-style walker. It was comprised of three spheres with couplers and walked like an ant towards the Jawa’s warren. It is a long six or seven hours to reach the area outside of the warren, but the Jawas greeted us sleeping quarters, and we ate food in the morning. While eating, they went over the layout of area we were going to go into. Meanwhile, Ekko worked on making a periscope from mirrors he found in the Jawas’ scraps. Gibbert found Ekko working on his device and upgraded the periscope from mirrors to a fully functioning electronic device using leftover droid eyes. Gibbert also made himself a combat shield. Towards the end of the meeting, the Jawas used weird drinks and herbs to heal Ekko and Groz. However, the effects of the healing were more affective on Ekko. They also gave us all one stim pack and giving an extra to Ekko and Groz.
We then headed to the warren’s entrance. On the way there, we saw dozens upon dozens of Jawas. Like an anthill, they seemed to come from nowhere and had individual hierarchies. Droids were used as animals of labor; straddled with saddlebags and walking on four legs to support more weight. Scraps were stacked up about a 100 meters high in a long, cavern-like formation. The sky could barely be seen. Along the walls were other walkers in different shapes and configurations. At the end of this long canyon was a dome shaped building. It was made of vehicle parts and blast door entrances. We were ushered into the building that looks like the insides of a capitol ship and were taken towards the beginning tunnels of the warren.
Before we reached that area though, we were greeted by another Jawa. He is dressed differently from the others and begins to speak.
“Welcome. We are part of the Neeknu Clan. We opened a path to a ship lower than this one that we inhabit. When we entered the new ship we found that the cargo bays were full of parts. While we were getting the items out we found a strange, organic sphere attached to the wall. It was attached to the wall by fibers and seemed inert. We had no interest in the sphere due to the cargo we were taking out of the bay.”
“How big was the sphere,” I asked.
“It was about 10 meters in size. The trouble began the next day. Jawas didn’t come back with salvage. The ones that were returning were screaming about a monster trying to kill them. Some Jawas never came back. Salvage databanks five no information except a log of exotic creatures being transported for a collector. Most of the exotic creatures died, but this one hibernated and woke to find meaty things to eat. Our weapons do nothing to this creature.”
The leader then hands over a map showing where the bulkheads are sealed.
“The monster should be in open areas, along with valuables and our very young and our very old. One of our elders is a seer. She warned us about our digging, as she saw what was about to happen, but we didn’t listen.”
We asked if they were going to help or wait until the beast is moved. The question about whether or not we should used heavy weapons is asked by Gibbert. The Jawas tell us that they will follow behind and will try to help their vulnerable as we handle the monster. We take another look at the map, and it seems that the vehicle they dug to is a mid-size military ship.
We finally went to the entrance to the lower caves. The overhang above it was open, but it looked like it was set up to drop quickly to block the entrance up for defense. As we go forward, the observing Jawas started to bow and back away in a showing of friendliness and gratitude. The inside is extremely dark. The Jawas that were guiding us give light to see by, but it wasn’t very much. Our group were able to walk side by side, five people wide, in the main corridor. As we walked, the smell started to waft in, smelling like soured animal milk. Along the walls were small, lighted globes barely making things visible.
We kept going until hitting a door with welded bars. There were Jawa guards keeping vigil over the door. After talking to them, the guards moved off to the side to allow the workers to cut it open. They torches cut for about ten minutes and the bars on the door fall to the ground. One of the cutter welders peered in and reports, “Looks clear.”
Groz enters the ship first, followed by Ekko, me, and finally Gibbert. Jawas laden with supplies follow behind. Jawa corpses line the walls. Scratches and gouge marks lined the walls. The Jawas may use scraps and pieces, but they are usually organized with their clutter. Everything in here is messy, damaged, or tossed aside. The pungent animal milk smell is quickly replaced with the aroma of rotting corpses. We trudged on, eventually making our way to the main entrance of the hangar.
This area was a little surprising as is actually lit with stringed lights and everything is visible. The area is large, with half of it full of shelters made from tents, crates, and the combination of the two. The other half was left open, but is now strewn with Jawa bodies. On the other end of the open area was a raised platform with chairs. They were arranged to what seemed to be a counsel. Three chairs resided on the highest platform, with more underneath it. There was also a chair set off to the side as if it were made for a defendant in any legal styled event. As we inspected this area, the Jawas skitter ahead, eager to help their own. Ekko became uneasy, feeling something was “off.” This was when we heard a “kerplunk” behind us as if something had dropped onto its feet from the ceiling.
What we see before us was a huge, spiky creature. The spikes looked like white coral from an ocean. The tendons underneath were exposed and were red, while turning blue at the extremities. Multiple tails came out of the back of the creature, combining into one tail at the end. Gibbert recognized the monster as something similar to a “Dust Stalker,” which I have never heard of before.
The monster recognized Groz as bigger and meatier and attacked him with his piercing claws. The monster screamed in Groz’s face and the smell of ammonia bellowed out from its mouth.
Groz responded by hitting the monster with his vibro sword. The vibro sword glowed and hummed and hacks into the monster. The monster again screamed with gritty blood, like sand, escaping it’s body.
I found some cover to the side and unloaded a massive payload from dual-wielding my new Dragoon blasters. Unfortunately, the energy from my blasts got absorbed by the creature’s hard exterior.
Ekko went to the other side of the hangar and set himself into a defensive stance and shoots his heavy blaster. Ekko hit the creature, but the heat just dissipates into the spikes.
Gibbert took aim and shot the creature with his blaster. His hit made a lot of damage and scrambled the monster’s senses.
The monster rallied to hit Groz again with it’s claws causing more damage to the Wookie.
I again shot both of my blasters at the beast successfully, causing massive damage and causing the monster to fall to the ground.
At this time, Ekko ran to Groz, who seemed to be hurt more than he usually is, and applied a stim pack to the Wookie.
Standing his ground, Gibbert fired his weapon. Unfortunately this time, the shot fires off into the distance, and his gun’s power pack ran out of energy causing his gun to power down.
Strained, Groz then went into a frenzy. He took his vibro sword and started to swing in wild abandon, roaring in his Wookie battle cry. The bright, humming weapon sliced through the animal’s body, causing it to lose two limbs in the process. This battle display frightened Ekko a little since he was so close, but Groz finishee the attack by plunging the vibro sword into the beast.
The Jawas watched in silence, but then started to jabber to each other excitedly. They were in awe. This battle in front of them only lasted half of a minute. During this moment, Gibbert takes a picture of the event on his data pad. Groz is covered with the gritty matter that was inside of the creature, and is also fluffed out in an aura of static charge. As things calmed down, Gibbert gave Groz another healing, and the Jawas poked their smaller weapons and sticks at the monster.
Now, with the battle completed, the Jawas rushed to the lower areas of the ship to help their most vulnerable members. Eventually, the children and Elders came out of the depths. There were some Jawas in black robes, rather than brown, and one specifically more different than the others. This one had long, jangly hair. She was the seer. They got closer to the creature, and the seer then said, “It is done. You have done a great service, and you all are entitled to a great treasure. I would also offer a great augury for Groz and friends. Right now, there is mourning, celebration, and cleaning to be done. We can talk about this later.” The seer then stopped, touched Groz’s wound, and it seemed to heal faster than a stim pack could ever provide.
We were then escorted to the Jawas outside of the warren. There was a sea of brown robes, combined with cheers of celebration. The Jawas were handing all of us small parts and electronics in gratitude. This made Ekko and Gibbert happy. The elder we met the night before suggested that we come back for our rewards. Groz responded by telling them that he will return on the day of his augury, which they were all pleased to hear. Jawa drivers were all offering to take us back home, and we eventually made it home so we can now enjoy some rest.
When we returned, I took some time to work on my marksmanship. Hopefully, it comes in handy later.



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