Star Wars: Rise from the Ruins

Seeing Us Off of the Rock

June 15, 2021

Well, it was a fun time at the Maw. We were ambushed during our deal for the hyper drive with Wyler by Mellobo and his hired hands. We were able to catch him, but we really don’t know much about what we are going to do with him. We had prior engagements to make anyway. So off into the cargo hold with him.
We spent the first part of our day healing from the ordeal of the day before. Gibbert helped heal Groz for all of his wounds and helped me shake off the rattled head I had. I still had some scratches though. Ekko then used his talents to heal Gibbert. I might have to invest into some more healing packs myself in the future.
Gibbert decided that leaving the hyper drive on the Gozanti was the best idea for now, and we headed off to the fortress of the Jawas. Once we arrived, we were recognized and welcomed into the clan holding to the auditorium. This is where we defeated the beast before, but now it was in the midst of being rebuilt and had more light than normal. I am sure it was for our benefit. The clan leader turned to us and began to speak. Groz’s translator box immediately sprang to life.
“Welcome back to our clan home,” he vocalized through the translator. “Come to our vault to see what you would like,”
Everyone followed him through the downed ship they use as a shelter. All the hallways and corridors were disorienting, but they were color coded to help navigate them. Eventually, we approached a guarded area. A bulkhead door divided us from the vault. Two armed Jawa were holding lances that looked to be stun weapons. They saw our arrival and opened the bulk head door using a rotating lever. We proceeded through what seemed to be an airlock, was immediately greeted by a bridge of welded plates crossing over an extremely expansive pit. The bridge was illuminated by rods and bowed under Groz’s weight. This was disconcerting due to the fact that there were no rails to hold onto.
On the other side of the pit there were rows of crates full of items large and small. Everything looked cluttered but was organized into crates by groupings. Some crates were full of armor; others by guns. Even speeders, swoops, and other equipment were sitting around in various salvaged states of condition. Groz looked for something useful and eventually pulled off a tarp off of a reclined, red swoop. The vehicle looks large enough to hold a larger rider and looks sleek and stylish. It does need some tweaking to be made perfect. Groz also notes that it has a front mounted laser cannon.
Gibbert took his time looking through the droid and cybernetics crates. After looking through the crate, he eventually found a cybernetic arm from a gank’s remains.
Ekko looked through some of the small arms crates. Using some of his natural senses, he found a sheathed gun of a unique make. It seemed to be an older, archaic gun. The sheath itself had been modified to cloak the weapon and even hides it from electronic scans. The gun itself seemed to be a disruptor pistol that has the ability to disintegrate. The pistol even had a magnetic weapon tether installed that magnetically pulls the weapon to his hand if it is nearby.
I took my time looking through the armor section, but found something interesting close by. It was a used jetpack with missile. It was made of an incredibly light material, making it strong, but easy to wear. The belt harness was made of multiple points. This made sure that it stayed on snugly. It had the earmarks of being used by a bounty hunter before, as it had been repaired multiple times before. All in all, it was repaired well, and was in good, working order. It even had gauges on the belts for fuel, and could be set up with a helm to give that information and also be used for targeting. Controlling this jetpack could be done with the forearm controls or from the wrist controls.
The Jawa leader told us that they would take the swoop out to our vehicle. We then left the vault and noticed on our way back that the bridge we walked across earlier had charges installed so it could be destroyed quickly if the need arose. It was a good thing we didn’t notice them on the way in.
We made our way back to the auditorium where there were tables set for a celebration. Everything was made for Jawa height, so Ekko was made to feel at home. Groz was a little much though. Dancers entertained us moving to a metallic beat while we sat on pillows and ate cooked beast with unique spices, and imbibed a drink that resembled fermented cabbage. After dinner a hush came over the room. The matron seer walked through the door very slowly; her robes were black instead of the Jawa traditional brown. Around her neck were a grouping of platinum couplers making a necklace. It was her necklace of honor. Her eyes were very dim; a barely lit orange. She shuffled across the large auditorium to the large chair at the center of the dais, and summoned everyone around. The matron of the clan speaks.
“So I am here to ‘see’ for you. Do you have a question or would you like me to start seeing for you?”
Groz reacts. “Do as you see fit.”
The one with the sight held out her clawlike, shriveled arm and hand and requested, “Please spit.”
Groz spat into her palm. The elder nods and turn her hand to the rest of us individually. Ekko ran into the shadows and hid.
“Some fear the future. It is something not to be afraid of,” she said.
Gibbert and I do as we are requested and spit into her palm. She started to murmur again. This portion wasn’t able to be translated by the device; possibly because it was a forgotten, or ancient, Jawa language. Her breathing started to become heavy. The Jawas started chattering and became more intense. This kept building until it suddenly stopped. The elder’s eyes became more illuminated. She became taller, straighter, and had a powerful aura around her. She then spoke.
“Groz. An evil moon rises. It stares at me from the future with one vast, cratered eye. Beyond it, I cannot see and it grows closer all the time.” She turned to me and continued, “Return to Tanaab, but do not land. There is distress there and fear; but courage too. Those that stand against the rising of the evil moon need a hand if they are to realize their destiny and their fates.”
She then told us that an important decision is coming and leaving is the only option. We would know the time. She the came up to Groz and tells him that the place you’re looking for will reveal itself, and that his friend has already found it. Well, if she is referring to Tanaab, I really can’t go back there. I left for a reason. Additionally, even if I am innocent, it isn’t wise to return to the perceived scene of the crime.
As we leave, the sun seemed to be many times brighter after being in the low-lit underground of the Jawa clan. Outside, there are many Jawa sorting new hauls and old sorting of salvage. They dumped their unwanted items into the ravine. We arrived back at our transportation and situated the speeder, jet pack, cybernetic arm, and cloaked gun around to fit everything with the hyper drive crates.
When we arrived back to the Gozanti, I took my first flight with the jet pack. My first flight went amazingly well; almost as if it were built for me. We then unloaded the hyper drive and Gibbert started inspecting it. Groz pushed out the swoop and immediately started asking Gibbert about fixing it up. Gibbert was busy working on the hyper drive and had one of the helper droids help to answer Groz’s questions. Ekko started hanging out with Groz and began to walk that fine line of annoying and adorable asking questions along with Groz to Fixer1 and tugging Groz’s hair as he did so.
The hyper drive we got from Wyler wasn’t new, but was well-maintained. Gibbert found a tracking transponder hidden deep inside the hyper drive, and thought it was Wyler’s doing. However, the transponder seemed to be old and may have been put there by the Electric Eels. Gibbert then took out the tracker. Now that we had a space-worthy ship, we will eventually have to find an astrogation computer. Right now, we can only go on main hyperspace routes or buy astrogation maps.
Groz then went to check on our prisoner, Mellobo. Groz researched what his species preferred to eat and started to look for rats, lizards, and other things for nutrients. While scavenging, Groz noticed two silhouettes on the horizon. It was Grimaldi and Farghul. Groz shouted, “A little far from the city aren’t you?”
“It is a good time to talk to you about things, Groz,” Grimaldi replied.
Groz then called out to Gibbert, who in turn calls everyone else. Everyone went outside to talk to Grimaldi, with the exception of Ekko, who hides away to watch undetected.
Everyone went through the normal pleasantries until Grimaldi revealed to us that he wants Mellobo. After realizing that he came all the way out to where we were, I knew he wanted him pretty badly. I put on my charm and learned negotiation skills and told him that in exchange that we would like help with contacts and more money. Grimaldi wasn’t too enthused with my approach but he did relent and doubled the amount of money to 20,000 credits that we were to receive. He told us about all the help behind the scenes that he was doing for us like hiding bodies and killing nemeses, but couldn’t fault us as we didn’t ask for it, and we are actually reliable. He told us that he would forget all of it if we were to give him a good rate on the next job. The next job would include introductions to the people he deals with and that he would put in a good word on our behalf. The job wouldn’t contain explosives, slave trading, or any objectionable objectives.
Gibbert asked Grimaldi about Wyler. Grimaldi said that Wyler is reliable, but definitely not square-dealing. Wyler will try to find any advantage he can. He probably will be taking over his territory soon due to all the losses going on around there lately. He gave us some advice, “You will want to be gone in two days. There is an Armada of Imperial ships coming to this quadrant, and Raxis Prime is next; probably in the next five days.”
About 20 minutes later, a speeder came to us and the rider shows us the twenty thousand credits. We bring out Mellobo, who sees Grimaldi. Grimaldi smiles when he sees Mellobo. Mellobo took a moment to recognize Grimaldi, but when he did he immediately started scrambling and holding on to Groz’s leg, saying “Nope,” over and over. Groz then gave over his food he found for Mellobo to Grimaldi so Mellobo had something to eat. Grimaldi then brightened up after what he found to be a snub during negotiations with me. He gave us an encrypted file on a datapad and told us to flash a signal to him when we figured it out.
The next day we decrypted the message and found that there was a bounty on Mellobo. Grimaldin coerced Mellobo through his addiction to get captured. Now Grimaldi is taking him to Gorga the Hutt for 125,000 credits. Well, he might have gotten more money, but he will also have a lot of people gunning for his head.
So now, Gibbert will have to repair the rest of “Baby,” register the Gozanti, and possibly put some weaponry on the ship.

We are finally getting off of this rock.



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