Star Wars: Rise from the Ruins

The Drugged Dug


Preparing to Receive the Hyperdrive:

Two days after the adventure with the Jawas, we receive a call on Gibbert’s phone from YL3R who says they have the hyperdrive ready for delivery tomorrow. We put YL3R on hold to discuss. When we return to him, YL3R answers in a creepy way before… recalibrating? To speak with us. We arrange a time to meet tomorrow at the Maw. Ekko thinks that YL3R is planning to kill us or double cross us. Gibbert decides to rig the guns we’re trading with light explosives as a bit of an insurance policy, and he does it hella good.

As the lot of us are tinkering about, Ekko picks up the occasional frequency, a high pitched noise. Ekko is perceptively nervous and flighty…and keeps muttering that he has a bad feeling about this drop.

Sitting in the Dock of the Bay:

We arrive the next day in Baby at a large loading dock in the maw. We are greeted by two guards in full armor and decked out in weapons at the base of the ramp of a freighter 690. We see YL3R on a data pad. The body guards scan as sentient beings with our life scanners. Lots of background noise happens within the ship. There are also other lifeforms just outside of the docking bay, totaling a dozen.

Arzon, Gibbert, and Groz disembark to meet with YL3R, with Ekko manning the ship in case a quick escape is needed. Both groups bring forth the goods for cross examination. YL3R has a soldier who clearly knows what he is doing, checks our lot and Gibbert checks the component parts of the hyperdrive.

As things seem to be going smoothly, the smell of burning metal and smoke begins to fill the room, and the door breaks down. YL3R pulls a stun baton and he and his soldiers turn to face the door. It’s rapidly determined that this is a third party of pirates.

Five Gamoreans move in and attack the party. The soldiers lay down fire, killing 3 Gamoreans. 5 Klatooinians come through quickly behind, spreading out and firing blasters indiscriminately before zeroing in on Gibbert. Lastly, a Barabel comes through the door with a Dug on it’s back. Groz recognizes the Dug as Melobo. He looks like he’s in a crazy, drug fueled rage.

Arzon kills off three Klatooinians with style and panache, with Gibbert killing a fourth. Groz slashes at the Barabel, hacking it’s limb off and maiming it. Melobo shrieks from his back, spurring the Barabel onward.

The remaining Gamoreans look like tough fuckers. One attacks the duo of soldiers, dealing a horrifying gash to one. The second Gamorean brutally attacks Arzon. The injured soldier struggles to continue fighting, though his partner gets a good shot off at the attacker.

The remaining Klatooinian takes a parting shot at Gibbert and then beats feet, demoralized at the rapid death of his companions.

Melobo leaps at Groz, slashing ineffectively but annoyingly enough to be a distraction. YL3R finishes calling for security on a comm and moves towards Groz and the Barabel. Despite the distraction, Groz slaughters the Barabel in a pique of frenzy.

As a Gamorean bares down on Arzon, Arzon fires two shots into him, killing him dead.The final Gamorean, as he attempts to slaughter the soldier, is killed by Gibbert. As the Klatoonian attempts to escape the doorway, Ekko fires off a killing shot, dropping the pirate.

The soldiers move to flank YL3R as they move towards engaged range with Melobo, who is still flailing wildly at Groz. Groz gathers Melobo into a tight bear hug and YL3R follows up with stunning Melobo into unconsciousness.

Once the dust settles, we discuss briefly with YL3R regarding Melobo. For a brief moment, YL3R’s eyes flash a different color and his voice shifts before returning to normal. The Maw security arrive and sweep up the random weapons left by the assailants. The party take Melobo and our hyper drive. Together, we leave the Maw.

Flight Home:

On the trip back, Melobo is placed in binders and Gibbert administers a drug to help make Melobo saner. We also patch up the party. Inside Melobo’s pack we find some death-sticks, a data pad, a smashed comlink, uneaten food, an empty flask, and a cred stick.

On the data pad is information about our party and us dealing with another entity to sell slick, thus motivating Melobo to attack. Gibbert is able to hack into the datapad with a fair bit of work, finding that the itinerary information had been transmitted in Droid, then translated into Basic. The written info is put in as though Basic is not a common language for the writer.

So is this YL3R? Or something else?

Arzon smooth-talks with Melobo, getting information. He says he got the pad from “one of his men. One with a face”. A fargoul gave Melobo’s contact the info. We decide to keep him for the time being and keep him locked up at the Gozanti.



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