Star Wars: Rise from the Ruins

The One Where We Finally Get Off Planet

or, Out of the Frying Pan, and Into the Fire

I got a bad feeling about this. The impending Imperial invasion of the system’s got just about ev’rybody on edge. Feels like I’m trying to stay on top of a rock that rolling down hill and gettin’ faster by the minute. We gotta get off this planet and right quick!
First up was getting some guns for the Goz offa that Wyler fella. Gave him a call and set up the deal. 2 Quad Laser cannons in good condition for a little over 14K. Ekko and I took Baby over to the Maw and sealed the deal ezeepeezy. A little help from the Wookies and we got those bad boys installed in no time.

Next up was getting the Goz registered, so me and Ekko headed to Xerosh to get that done. Figure we’re still hot after the Sienar heist, so I ask ev’rybody else to stay back at our spot in the Wasteland. We get to Xerosh and get the Goz registered as the Emancipator, as well as topping off fuel and taking on some water and victuals. All told that was almost 6K.

That bad feeling stayed with me as we left Xerosh, so I asked Ekko to land us at the Shipyard rather than back at the Waste in case we was being tracked. I radioed Groz and Arzon, asked them to meet us to help pack up the last of our stuff and recruit any of the townies that might want to get off world before the Empire comes in and mucks ev’rything up. Dith and Dys said they’d come and Groz talked ‘em into paying us a few credits for the privliege. While we was doin’ that, I got a call from my old pal Grimaldi. Said he had that cargo he wanted us to haul ready for us in Xerosh, as well as a guard named Tallin Ericko. He also dropped a hint that the Empire was closer to the system than we thought. That rock I’m ridin’ keeps tumblin’ faster.

Off we went back to the wasteland to get the Wookies and Baby. The Wookies settled themselves in while we flew back to Xerosh. We got there and landed on pad 15, where that Tallin fella and Grimaldi’s crate were waiting for us. We started to get them loaded when… you remember that bad feeling I was tellin’ ya’ll about? Well, 3 big old ships appeared in the sky over Xerosh and started blasting away. Shit. And if that weren’t bad enough, the docking bay doors opened up and in walks a blue skinned fella I instantly recognized from our heist as some big muckety-muck for Sienar with some flunky guards. Only they wasn’t wearin’ Sienar colors. Looked like some kinda military uniforms. Now, I’m not one to believe in coincidences, especially when those coincidences add up like 2+2=4. It appears our information concerning Sienar’s connection to he Empire was spot on. So this blue skinned fella says “Halt and prepare to be boarded” or some other such nonsense. I figure a firefight inside the ship where we got the superior numbers and outside the eyes of Docking Control would be the best course of action, so I put on my biggest shit-eatin’ grin and invite ‘em all to come aboard. I could tell the blue skinned fella saw right through me, and not really having the time to put up with this, I chucked a grenade at the conveniently tight grouped formation of guards. Lickety split, and I mean like before that ’nade even made it halfway there, Arzon’s up in the air with his jet-pack blasting away the the blue skinned fella. Hits him square too! But I didn’t have much time to admire the marksmanship, as I was back under the Goz for some cover. BOOM! off goes my ‘nade, killin’ one guard outright and messing up the others pretty bad. Then the blue skinned fella starts backin up towards the door, calling for reinforcements and blasting away with his pistol at Groz. Well, Groz didn’t like that too much and runs up and with a shower of sparks hits the fella in the side with his blade. Looked like Groz took out some kinda personal force field generator. Now that fella’s REALLY had enough of us, and jumps off the side of the platform just as the remaining guards open up on Groz, who takes a pounding from the blaster fire.

Just as I thought we’d seen the last of that blue skinned fella, Ekko comes out of nowhere and jumps off the platform after the guy! I didn’t rightly see what happened with that, but I did see Groz wade into the weakened guard phalanx and just open up a blue milk sized container of whoop-ass on them. And I did see Arzon take off after Ekko over the side of the platform and come back just a bit later carrying the little guy. Judging by the bloody mess that was all over Ekko’s clothes, that blue skinned fella won’t be botherin’ us no more.

We finally got everybody just about onboard when the docking bay doors open up and more guards started pouring through. Luckily Dys got the engines warmed up and we got clear before any damage good be done to the Goz. Now we just gotta run this Imperial blockade and get outta the system!

Not mentioned here was a tiny ship “docking” with the Goz just before the firefight in Xerosh, and the Wookie twins boarding in Xerosh. Also probably a few other things.



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