Finishing Touches

PCs go to The Maw and make a deal with Y-L3R (Wyler) for a hyperdrive in exchange for a cache of military grade weapons they recently recovered from a gruesome battlefield. The exchange is tense, but betrayal comes not with each other, but by the surprise attack by Mellobo and a gaggle of goons he managed to hire to help him recover what he thought was a shipment of Slick.

The exchange goes off as planned, despite the attack, and the PCs now have a captured Mellobo, and a lot of questions. Most of those questions get at least partial answers when Grimaldi comes out of hiding to pay the gang for Mellobo. He offers 10k credits, but Arzon manages to negotiate up to 20k, leaving Grimaldi a bit upset, but willing to pay out to be on his way. As part of the exchange Grimaldi reveals that he has had one of his men, a sniper, watching them and eliminating their enemies for them before they even knew there was trouble.

As part of the exchange of information, the group learns that the Imperial Task Force for Operation: Strike Fear is en route, and will be blockading Raxus Prime within the week. It is time to get off world…

To that end, the PCs need to:

  • Officially register their ship (2000 credits)
  • Fuel up their ship’s sublight and hyperdrive engine batteries (100 Fuel Cell capacity). Current rate at Xerosh is 25cr per Fuel Cell. 2500cr
  • Stock up consumables for the ship (32 total crew and passengers, 3 months supply limit, at 25 credits per person per month). 8000 liters of hydro; 2750 kilograms of nutrient packs and basic proteins for the autochef. 2400cr
  • Docking fee: 50cr.
  • Power fee: 20cr.
  • Total cost: 6,970cr


  • Imperial Security Agent Kemotu (formerly undercover as Sienar Fleet Systems security head), has a compliment of Imperial Security (formerly undercover as well), and is trying to lock down all ships at the Xerosh spaceport once the go signal is sent. Clone Troopers will begin entering the city ring shortly after from their locations nearby.
  • Captain Piett is in command of the ISD Invincible, and has operational command of the Strike Fear task force. His small fleet will hyperspace in over Raxus Prime as the PCs take off, immediately opening up with turbolasers to clear debris from their immediate area. Shortly after several flights of TIE fighters will deploy to secure the skies and ground and ships trying to leave.

Finishing Touches

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