The Beast

The Meeknu clan comes to the PCs asking for help. While expanding their warrens they opened a path into a new buried ship. At first they found great salvage, as the vessel had been buried for at least 20 years or more. But when the clan opened up one of the cargo bays they found a strange organic sphere. At some point the sphere opened and a creature — long in hibernation — awoke and began to feast upon the jawa it found.

The beast stalked the jawa throughout their warrens until they managed to seal off several main access ways. However, they also had to seal off the way out for a large number of their clan, including their holy seer, and many of the young. The jawa have no where else to turn. All their higher powered weaponry is mounted on vehicles too large to enter the warrens, and far too heavy for them to carry or use. Their personal weaponry mostly consists of stun guns and ion blasters, that seemed only to anger the beast.

The clan leaders have sent envoys to ask the PCs to aid them. Kill the beast, and the clan will give them what help is needed to finish assembling and modifying the Gozanti.

Dust Stalker

Dust Stalker Image

The Beast

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